As an architect or interior designer, you’re detail-driven.

You look for high-end craftsmanship that enhances your design aesthetically while ensuring effortless performance for your discerning client.

Can you be confident that your millworker delivers?


Ideally your millworker is someone who:

  • lets you rest easy knowing that the results will be precisely as you intended, both functionally and aesthetically
  • uses extensive experience to inform your design choices for optimum performance
  • communicates with you clearly and proactively
  • collaborates with you to ensure that you achieve your goals


Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Have you ever given your design to your millworker only for them to build something that didn’t function the way you wanted because they didn’t do their part to identify potential construction issues?

And when you ask about it, their answer was, “I went by your design”?

And how many times have you been told how your design is going to be made, and not given any choices? You don’t want to have to struggle with a millworker who insists that there’s only one way to make something.


Designing for your clients should be the only thing you need to worry about — not whether or not you can trust your millworker to deliver as promised.

You want to hand your design over feeling confident that the finished project will be just as you wanted, with beautiful craftsmanship, perfect functioning, and superior durability.


Meet John Ozimec, of Laneway Millwork in downtown Toronto.

♦  I collaborate one-to-one with you to produce beautifully constructed and finished millwork for your high-end residential and small-to-medium commercial and retail projects.

  With over a decade of expertise and a hand-picked team, I deliver impeccable function and performance to enhance your design.

  I also produce custom furniture and offer high-gloss lacquer application.