Built-in Hallway Unit

|| Case study — Residential

Built-in hallway unit showing hidden bathroom

The Brief:

A built-in, walnut-veneer wall unit in the front hallway that functioned as storage for coats and shoes. It also needed to house a work desk with a computer that would be hidden when not in use. Finally, the unit’s most unique element would be a hidden powder room whose door integrated seamlessly with the rest of the unit.

Of Note:

The designer and I worked together to ensure total functionality while maintaining her aesthetic vision. We achieved this through careful details such as:

♦  Seamless veneer matching — An extra challenge to make perfect, with such a wide facade (dimensions) and with the pronounced grain pattern of walnut.

♦  Recessed, built-in door pulls — These solid walnut pulls run the entire length of the doors, with no need for visible pull hardware.

♦  Frameless flush door — For a seamless appearance, we used high-performance concealed hinges; when the door is closed, the hinges cannot be seen from either side of the door.

Image credit: Simonswerk Tectus Hinge

Image credit: Simonswerk Tectus Hinge