Murphy Wall-Bed

|| Case study — High-gloss Lacquer Finishing

Built-in wall-bed and storage unit, closed for daytime; multi-stage-buffed high-gloss finish

The Brief:

A multi-function wall-bed unit for a guest bedroom, with high-gloss finish.

The client wanted a built-in wall unit to contain a Murphy Wall-Bed, shelving and drawer units, and a computer workstation. Everything needed to be concealed behind doors for a sleek, clean, daytime look.

Of Note:

♦  For the hideaway bed, we incorporated hardware that makes it easy to pull down with minimum effort.

♦  False recesses echo the asymmetrically placed door pulls, integrating all elements — bed, storage, work station — to appear as a harmonious, sleek, but visually interesting surface.

♦  We built the doors with full-length, solid-wood recessed pulls.

♦  Because the dark colour shows up high-gloss imperfections, this project demanded exceptional smoothness and impeccable lacquer application with multiple buffing stages.

Built-in wall-bed unit, open