Reception Desk

|| Case study — Commercial

Optometrist's reception desk/workstation with Carrara marble

The Brief:

An optometrist’s reception desk for greeting clients and also to function as a service area for technicians. The desk needed to accommodate two technicians using computer terminals, allow for storage space, and provide a service desk for attending to seated clients.

Of Note:

♦  A pull-out tabletop — This sliding, retractable surface can be pulled out to function as a service area for wheelchair-using clients or clients that need to sit. The lower height provides them with a better vantage point.

♦  Waterproof base for superior protection and durability — a standard feature in all my reception desks.

On Preventing Water Damage:

Oftentimes you will see the base of reception desks disfigured by water damage from floor-mopping. This is because the substrate is often MDF or particle board that ends up swelling due to repeated floor-washing. If there is a metal laminate on the toe kick it will often delaminate due to water damage. To prevent water absorption and delamination, I make my bases exclusively with waterproof substrate and attach laminates only with waterproof adhesive.