The Laneway Millwork Philosophy

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♦  I build collaborative, one-to-one partnerships with my clients, many of whom are long-term.

♦  I prize a solid working relationship with you as designer/architect based on trust, clear communication, and mutually understood goals. Our working process is always personalized to your specific needs.

♦  My role is to take care of the practical side so you don’t have to
As a designer or architect, you shouldn’t have to worry about the outcome.

♦  To this end, my passion and expertise are in helping you realize your design while ensuring impeccable function and performance

I have the experience to troubleshoot construction and materials options that will make a long-term difference in the quality and appearance of your project.

This includes assessing:

1)  How design and material choices for your project will affect performance — I provide practical feedback that can inform your design decisions.

2)  The impact of construction on your design — I discuss with you how construction choices can affect or even enhance your design.

In assessing these factors, I always consider how a piece will make your client’s everyday life run more smoothly and efficiently.

♦  Communication and flexibility
Poor communication can lead to results that don’t match your design intentions. I am very clear on your options and on my working process so that you know exactly what to expect.

I also understand that designs change even during the construction process. I readily accommodate changes, with clear billing, while keeping you informed from my end about schedules and progress.