Our Process

Our process is guided by two aspects:

  1. Ensuring that from the time you hand off your design, you’re totally confident in me and in the end result. I take the time to completely understand your project goals. I take care of the practical details so that you don’t have to stress about them.
  2. Helping you achieve a perfect union between design and function in the end result (see My Philosophy for more on this).


Here’s how we would collaborate:

1. Consultation
We talk on the phone about your design brief and your goals.
 Then we schedule a meeting to discuss your project.


2. Getting a quote
I give you estimates for various options so that you and your client can choose based on budget and project goals. Then we agree to work together.


3. Troubleshooting design and construction
Using my 10+ years of experience, I help you troubleshoot possible construction, installation and usability/durability concerns so that we can make any adjustments in material choices or dimensions that might affect the aesthetic of your design. I provide samples on request.


4. Finalization
I give you a finalized quote based on the detailed design plan. At this stage, you will have a very clear understanding of how your design will be constructed. For more complex designs I provide shop drawings.


5. Build
With my hand-picked team, we begin construction.
 I keep you informed on the progress and work with you to accommodate any unexpected changes.


6. Installation
We aim for a discreet presence and minimal disruption to your client. During installation, I or my experienced installers make sure to protect your client’s surfaces and respect their space. We do a thorough clean-up to finish.



I believe in transparency. My business philosophy has always been to be upfront with costs and stay within the budget so that you don’t get any surprise bills at the end of the project.
With anything unforeseen I always get your approval in writing before proceeding.